Emergency Services Academy Ltd. (“ESA”) strives to improve the provision of emergency services in Canada by developing superior education and training programs for the emergency services industry.

ESA will become the leader in quality education, training, and personal development of emergency services personnel in Canada.

Emergency Services Academy Ltd. ("ESA") provides specialized training.  If you are physically fit and action-oriented, consider a career as a Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). These are careers which appeal to people who are sociable and team-oriented.  These careers are for people who are attracted to adventure and risk. 

ESA has expert trainers from within the emergency services industry.  Our EMS and Fire instructors provide up-to-date real-world experience.  Training is in a simulated work environment which immerses students in realistic situations.  ESA training and comprehensive programming provide additional skills, making ESA graduates more employable.  Students are challenged to be their best.

The best always stand ready.  ESA is ready to train those with the potential to be the best.  In turn, the best will be ready to save lives and protect property.

12 Weeks in the Life of a Fire Student.  Follow one of our students through fire training.  
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"Outstanding program. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, physical training sessions were great, the mock candidate competition process was very beneficial, and the administrative staff was very caring. Overall this was a phenomenal program."
- Josh, Fire 1308