• Get Fit with Fire!

    - March 10, 2013

    We are very excited that we have a fitness component in the ESA Fire - Enhanced Program.

    Fitness training sessions are provided for ESA Fire students as part of their training program.  Training is job specific and helps students prepare for the Candidate Competition during the final week of the ESA Fire Program, for future job competitions, and ultimately for a career as a fire fighter. 

    Training is facilitated by ESA instructors who are career fire fighters at Strathcona County Emergency Services.  It is a mix of body weight / functional exercise, crossfit and job specific training.  Sessions are at Little Sweatshop, Sherwood Park, a training center close to ESA.

    The fitness component started in March, 2013.  Fees are included in the ESA Fire fees.

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"The live demonstration, practical and lab days were easily my favorite part of the program. It was always the most satisfying to implement classroom/textbook knowledge into a real event or scenario and learn how to implement that knowledge properly. I feel that it's very easy to see the fruits of your labor in the medical field and that you get out of it what you put into it. I know I learned a great deal in my time within the EMR program and I couldn't be happier for it."
Angus, EMR 1906