• Thanks for the Fire Program!

    ESA - November 6, 2012

    The following comment was received by email from one of the graduates of our 2012 Fall Fire Program:

    I wanted to come in personally, but thank you for everything Kim!! The program was amazing and the candidate competition was a great learning experience! I certainly made the best choice with ESA and I'll be sure to let any future recruits where to get some of the best training in Canada.

    Brant Edland, Graduate of the Fire 1208 Program at ESA

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""To all of you from ESA who were instrumental in 0909, I want to say thank you. A couple weeks ago my chief handed me a red helmet, lieutenant badge, and radio. ESA 0909 was such a critical part of allowing me to have some success as a firefighter, and now as a fire officer. Thank you for your investment in providing solid and passionate training to the fire service. I, for one, appreciate it more than I can say, but I will say, thank you." Message received from Chris - Fire 0909. Congratulations Chris!"
-Chris, Fire 0909