Professional Fire Fighter - Enhanced

With our addition of the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Flex in 2016, we revised the name of our original Professional Fire Fighter Program to include the descriptor - Enhanced. Our Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced is delivered over 12 weeks of full-time, intensive, face-to-face training based at ESA. It is enhanced with additional certifications, preparation for firefighter recruitment competitions, fitness training and much more!

Are you a team player? Are you interested in learning how to access and rescue people in virtually any type of emergency situation? Do you want to learn about the science of fire, and the strategies and tactics for managing its hazards? Are you motivated by a career that can save lives, reduce injuries, and protect property? Firefighters typically score among the highest professions for public trust.  

ESA is offering two options for fire fighter training! Enroll in our original, full-time, 12 week Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced which features many additional components, OR choose our part time, blended learning Professional Fire Fighter Program - Flex to transition to a new career as a firefighter! Call us to discuss the best option for you! 

ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program graduates receive IFSAC and ProBoard certificates through The Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs.

Flex program or Enhanced program?  Which one works for you? Frequently Asked Questions are included in the "FAQs" section of this page to help you make this decision.

Delivery Enhanced - Full-time
Program Length 12 Weeks
Class Size Minimum 14; Maximum 36
Next Program Start Date August 8, 2023

Program Details

2023 Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced 

Program Code - Fire 2023-03E+   March Intake 2023 - March 20, 2023 to June 12, 2023

Application Deadline: March 13, 2023
Uniform Sizing: sizing will be done on the first day of classes at ESA
First Day of Program at ESA: Monday, March 20, 2023
Last Official Day of Program: June 9, 2023

Program Code - Fire 2023-08E+   August Intake 2023 - August 8, 2023 to October 30, 2023

Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
Uniform Sizing: sizing will be done on the first day of classes at ESA
First Day of Program at ESA: Monday, August 8, 2023
Last Official Day of Program: Friday, October 27, 2023

ESA DATES AND FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ​Notice of any changes will be listed on this website and can be confirmed by contacting ESA by phone or email.

FAQs.  Which Professional Fire Fighter Program is best for you?  The Professional Fire Fighter - Flex or the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced?

1. What are the target audiences for each program? 

Either program offers an effective education method for any person interested in a fire fighting career. Both programs offer the basic prerequisites required by most potential employers. The full-time Enhanced program, where all aspects of education and training are directly facilitated and led by experienced instructors, better meets the needs of those who thrive in a classroom environment and learn well not just from their instructors but also benefit from interactions with classmates. The part-time blended learning Flex program is designed to accommodate those whose current careers, family lives, and financial responsibilities will benefit from them being able to follow a flexible learning schedule, with less full-time scheduled study. We encourage interested candidates to discuss both options with our staff to assist in selecting the program which best meets your needs.

2. Why does the Enhanced program cost more? 

The Flex program is an accredited program which meets all of the expectations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 Level I and II standard, known as the Professional Firefighter Standard. This is the core pre-requisite for most career fire departments in Canada. Flex also includes NFPA 472 Hazmat Awareness and Operations.  

The Enhanced program meets all of the competencies covered in the Flex program, but also includes additional certifications:

  • NFPA 1001: Level I & II Professional Fire Fighter  
  • NFPA 472: Awareness and Operations Level for Responders to Hazardous Materials
  • NFPA 1002:  Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
  • NFPA 1051: Wildland Firefighter  
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS):  Access
  • NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue Awareness
  • Firefighter Self Rescue
  • Aquatic Spinal Rescue

The additional certifications in the Enhanced program are not prerequisites for most Canadian career fire departments, but they definitely provide competitive advantages during hiring processes, as well as setting the table for career advancement after hiring.  

3. What are the advantages of the full-time Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced? 

The Enhanced program offers more certifications, providing candidates with a more robust resume and a broader field of potential employers. The program is also led and facilitated in its entirety by experienced ESA instructors. Students typically feel they benefit by learning not only from instructors, but also from other students. Full-time programs develop a camaraderie and team-based feel similar to an emergency services career.

4. What are the advantages of the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Flex? 

The Flex program allows those with family, professional, or other commitments to study with a flexible and largely self-driven schedule that allows them to maintain life-academic balance. The certification gained is the core certification required as a prerequisite by most career Canadian fire departments.

5. Which program is better at helping graduates get jobs? 

Both programs provide the core prerequisite required by the majority of career Canadian fire departments.

The full-time Enhanced program has been offered by ESA for more than a decade, and has an exceptional job placement rate for graduates. The part-time Flex program is a newer offering which has been developed with the onset of new delivery technologies and platforms.

It is predictable that both programs will be successful in getting our graduates good fire service jobs. Fire departments seek well rounded individuals, and fire education and training is just one component of the hiring assessment. For example, a graduate of the Flex program who has significant work and life experience, and chose the part-time study option to allow successful life-academic balance, would be a strong candidate for hiring.

6. Where can I get advice outside of ESA about what type of program to take? 

Ask lots of questions! Talk to current firefighters, fire chiefs, and human resource professionals responsible for hiring processes. Their advice is very useful in making an informed decision. 

  • Graduates of the ESA Professional Fire Fighter program will be competent as per all competencies of applicable National Fire Protection Association standards (including NFPA 1001 Level I and II and NFPA 1072-Operations) and the accreditation requirements of the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and ProBoard.
  • Staff, faculty, partners, and students of ESA will be provided with a safe and respectful working and learning environment.
  • Learning at ESA will be supported through provision of access for students to experienced, qualified faculty, and the support and guidance of professional administrative staff.
  • Achievement of proficiency will be supported through access to high quality learning materials and equipment, effective instructor to student ratios, and appropriate practical training sites.
  • Professional development of ESA students and graduates will be enhanced through ESA’s demonstrated commitment to stakeholder focused, evidence-based firefighting and rescue practices, modeling of a team based approach to public safety, and an established culture of accountability to ethical and professional standards.

Why should you take your Enhanced Fire training at ESA?

ESA offers some important ADVANTAGES in the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced.

Most importantly, the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced provides training which exceeds the accreditation requirements of the National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA"). Successful graduates receive IFSAC and ProBoard accredited certificates plus additional certifications.

ProBoard and IFSAC Certificates from the Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs):

  • NFPA 1001: Level I Professional Fire Fighter
  • NFPA 1001: Level II Professional Fire Fighter  
  • NFPA 1072: Awareness Level for Responders to Hazardous Materials
  • NFPA 1072: Operations Level for Responders to Hazardous Materials
  • NFPA 1051: Wildland Firefighter 
  • NFPA 1002: Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS): Access

Additional Certificates from ESA:

  • ESA Professional Fire Fighter
  • NFPA 1006 (Rope Rescue Awareness)
  • BTLS Access
  • Fire Fighter Self Rescue
  • Aquatic Spinal Rescue

The Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced at ESA has other important advantages: 

  • Online:  ESA utilizes an integrated, online interface and E-Books for the Fire Program.
  • Location: ESA is located in a major metropolitan area with its campus location being in Sherwood Park, Alberta, a suburb of Edmonton. The area offers excellent amenities and many accommodation options for all budgets.
  • Transferability: Students from anywhere in Canada can attend ESA and return home with applicable certifications and an advantage in gaining emergency services employment, especially in career departments.
  • Practical Training Sites: ESA uses a variety of excellent off-site locations for practical training for the Enhanced Program including the live fire training grounds at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Strathcona County Emergency Services fire stations, a wildland location in Strathcona County and a commercial vehicle extrication site.
  • Equipment:  Training aids and equipment used during practical training in the Enhanced Program includes full personal fire fighting gear, fire training towers, fire apparatus, vehicle extrication equipment and technical rescue equipment.
  • Instructors:  ESA instructors are career professionals in their role as Fire Fighters, Fire Officers, Fire Fighter/PCPs and Fire Fighter/Paramedics. Career professionals provide a large instructor pool with a variety of skills and expertise.
  • Ratios:  ESA maintains low student to instructor ratios for practical training.
  • Fitness Training:  The fitness component in the Enhanced Program focuses on functional exercise and job specific training.​ Our students train to be successful in the firefighter physical portion of job competitions.
  • Career Preparation:  Students receive extensive career preparation during the Enhanced Program, including assistance in writing employment application letters and resumes.  A software partnership between ESA and myBlueprint provides additional online help with job preparation, including budgeting.
  • Career Interview:  Preparation for job interviews is based on one-on-one simulated interviews conducted by fire professionals during the last week of the Enhanced Program.
  • Fitness Assessment:  A physical assessment for fire fighters is completed at the University of Alberta during the last week of the Enhanced Program.
  • License:  ESA's Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced is licensed by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Alberta Advanced Education.  
  • Funding:  The ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced is eligible for federal and provincial funding through Student Aid. Alberta students can apply for federal and provincial loans and scholarships online at Student Aid Alberta.  Students from outside of Alberta can apply based on their home address/province.


The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) courses are examined through practical audits and written examinations provided and marked by the Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs

Based on the Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs accreditation, a mark of 70% or greater is required o­n each examination. Students receiving marks of 60% to 69% on an examination will be allowed one rewrite. Marks below 60% are considered a failure. Rewrites are an additional cost to the student.


The Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs holds the accreditation for fire fighter training in the province of Alberta. ESA liaises directly with the Municipal Affairs regarding examinations, evaluations and certifications.  Costs of examinations, evaluations and certificates are included in ESA tuition fees.

The successful student in the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced will receive the following certifications:

ProBoard and IFSAC Certificates from the Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs:

  • NFPA 1001: Level I Professional Fire Fighter  
  • NFPA 1001: Level II Professional Fire Fighter
  • NFPA 1072: Awareness Level for Responders to Hazardous Materials
  • NFPA 1072: Operations Level for Responder to Hazardous Materials
  • NFPA 1002:  Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator (IFSAC Certificate only)
  • NFPA 1051: Wildland Firefighter  

Certificates from ESA:

  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS): Access - NAIT certificate
  • NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue Awareness
  • Firefighter Self Rescue
  • Aquatic Rescue


Applicants for both of the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Programs must meet the following prerequisites.  Details are included in the application package.

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma verified by transcripts, GED, or post-secondary education equivalent to or above a grade 12 level as evidenced by transcripts. Students may be accepted who have not met this requirement for existing education. Please contact ESA in advance of submitting an application. 
  • Minimum Class 5 Driver's License and Airbrake Endorsement.  Fire students must hold a valid driver's license to be eligible to participate in the practical driving component of the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program. 
  • Driver's Abstract
  • Standard First Aid 
  • Basic Rescuer - CPR Level C or Health Care Provider (Heart & Stroke Foundation - Standard First Aid- CPR/AED Level C, St. John's Ambulance or Red Cross) Or more advanced qualifications; Advanced First Aid, e.g. wallet card from approved first aid training agency, ACP practice permit.
  • ICS-I-100- Certificate of successful completion
  • Alberta Student Number
  • Medical Form completed and signed by a physician within 6 months of the first day of classes at ESA
  • Resume
  • Two letters of character reference
  • Upon receipt of a complete application package, ESA will set up an interview with the ESA Fire Coordinator or designated representative.

ICS I-100- The Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs, which is the accrediting body for the Professional Fire Fighter Program, has updated their NFPA 1001 Level I & II prerequisites. Municipal Affairs requires that all students complete the ICS I-100 online course prior to the 1001 program. The online course will take approximately 2 - 4 hours to complete.  There is a $25.00 fee to take the online course.

Click the link for the ICS I- 100 course.

CPR Courses - Search online for a Basic Rescuer course offered in your area.  One recommendation is to 'Find a Course' on the Heart and Stroke website. Complete the fields to see the courses available.

Computer Requirements - The Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced at ESA uses an online interface ((Jones & Bartlett Fundamentals of Canadian Firefighting, 3rd Edition).  Each student will need to have either a tablet or a laptop to access the E-Books, Workbooks, Study Guides and ESA curriculum materials.  

Physical Requirements

Fire fighting is an occupation which requires a high level of physical conditioning. Students need to be physically fit. 

Candidates must present a medical form (included in the application package) stating that they are able to meet the physical requirements of the program.

Near the completion of the Enhanced Program, students have the opportunity to participate in the Fire Fighter Physical Aptitude Testing at the University of Alberta or at an equivalent facility. This test is used by many fire services as a selection tool during the competition process.  The test will be scheduled by ESA. Cost is included in tuition fees.

Excessive facial hair is not permitted throughout the program, as it may interfere with the mask-to-face seal on breathing apparatus.

Fire Application

To apply for the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced at ESA, you must use the ESA application package.

  • Click on Download Application near the top of this page.
  • Click on the Download Alberta Enrolment Contract Fire - Enhanced for correct class - Fire 1903E+ or Fire 1908E+.

It is the responsibility of an applicant to ensure an application submitted to ESA is complete and meets all prerequisites.

A program will be cancelled if the minimum number of students (12) is not reached by the application deadline. Once the minimum number of students is accepted, applicants will be accepted into the program until the maximum number of students (36) is reached, or on the date the program commences.

Mature Students

Mature Students may be accepted into a Professional Fire Fighter Program at ESA.  

If you do not meet the requirement for existing education (a High School Diploma verified by transcripts, GED or post-secondary education which is equivalent to or above a grade 12 level), forward an advance inquiry to ESA summarizing your education and work experience before submitting a complete application package.  Include the following details in your inquiry:

  • Formal education completed
  • Degrees, diplomas, certifications, courses or other relevant training
  • Work experience
  • Current occupation

Your inquiry will be reviewed by the Registrar of ESA.  You will be advised if you can proceed with an application to a Professional Fire Fighter Program at ESA as a mature student.

Fire Modules

Please contact ESA by phone 780-416-8822 or email if you are interested in taking or repeating part of a Professional Fire Fighter Program.

Applications for Rope Rescue Level I (Operations)

ESA offers a Rope Rescue course following each Fire program. 

If the Rope application is submitted with a Fire application, the Rope application fee of $100.00 will be waived. 

Full payment of the balance of the Rope fees must be submitted with the Fire application.  The maximum number of students accepted into a Rope course at ESA is 14.

Fees for the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced

2023 Fees 

  • Administration Fee (non-refundable):  $125.00
  • Program Materials Fee (5% GST included):  $1,800.00
  • ​Tuition Fee (including Registration Fee of $500.00):  $11,500.00
  • Total Fees - Enhanced Program:  $13,425.00

ESA fees and dates are subject to change.  Notice of any changes will be listed on this website and can be confirmed by contacting ESA by phone or email.

Each student in the Enhanced program will need a laptop or tablet. This is not included in Program Materials and is not part of ESA Program Materials Fees.

Payment of Fees - Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced:  

  • First Payment - $1,500.00 (Administration Fee $125.00 + Registration Fee $500.00 + Portion of program materials fee $875.00) Must be submitted with the Application for Admission to ESA.   
  • Final Payment - $11,925.00 (Balance of fees) Due on the first day of program. (No exceptions unless government funding)

Refund of Fees

  • The Administration Fee is non-refundable.
  • ​Registration Fee:  If the Enrolment Contract with ESA is cancelled within five business days of signing by the student and a representative of ESA, the Registration Fee is refunded.  After five business days, the Registration Fee is non-refundable.
  • The Program Materials Fee is non-refundable for individual orders once these orders have been placed, and for e-Learning on the first day of classes when it is accessed.​
  • Tuition Fees:  The Professional Fire Fighter Program at ESA is licensed under the Ministry of Alberta Advanced Education. Cancellation and refund policies for licensed programs are made in accordance with Section 17(1) Private Vocational Training Regulation.  Any refunds of tuition fees depend on the percentage of training provided as of the withdrawal date and are listed in the Enrolment Contract signed by the student and a representative of ESA.

Methods of Payments:

All program fees are payable to Emergency Services Academy Ltd. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Debit Card.  Cash payments must be for the correct amount as ESA does not keep any cash onsite. 

Funds may be transferred to Emergency Services Academy Ltd. by INTERAC e-Transfer using the ESA email address:

Funding:  If funding from another source such as government loans or scholarships is pending, documentation must be provided to ESA two weeks before the first day of classes showing confirmation of same and dates of payment(s). An alternate source of payment, such as credit card information, will be required in case the funding is not received by ESA.

Students must have payment in place for all ESA fees on the first day of classes. Government funding may also include later payment(s) related to living costs or practical training.  These are paid directly to the student and not sent to ESA for fees.

Program Materials for the Enhanced Program become the responsibility and property of the student and include, but are not limited to:

  • ESA Fire Fighter duffle bag
  • ESA Coveralls
  • Two ESA Fire tshirts
  • Two fitness tshirts and shorts
  • Hard hat, work gloves, fire fighter gloves, static cord and safety glasses.
  • Essentials of Fire Fighter Skills - Canadian Edition (with online access code)
  • Fire Pump/Aerial Appartus - Driver / Operator (with online access code)
  • Ground Cover Fire Fighter (with online access code)
  • Wildland Manual

Tuition Fees for the Enhanced Program include ESA training and use of ESA manuals, plus Fire Fighter SCBA Fit Testing, Registration Fee, exams, certifications earned, ESA Student Fee, Fitness Training and the Fire Fighter Physical at the University of Alberta or equivalent facility.

ESA provides accidental or emergency health and dental insurance coverage for fire students in the Enhanced Program while attending ESA classes, off-site training and during practical assignments. WCB coverage is in place during practical Fire training. Fees for insurance coverage are included in ESA fees.

Additional Requirements


Fire students must have a computer for classes. A laptop would be best, but a tablet would suffice. The entire Enhanced program curriculum is delivered electronically.

Applicants are encouraged to have their laptop or tablet in advance of the Enhanced program Orientation so that they are familiar with its use and can complete some reading in advance of the class.

Further Expenses

There are additional expenses for the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced beyond fees payable to ESA which must be covered by the student:

  • CSA approved, black leather, 8" steel toed work boots
  • Transportation, accommodation and meals outside of Sherwood Park during practical training sessions, including sessions at Vermilion, AB.
  • ESA reserves a block of rooms in Vermilion for students requiring accommodation. Students are responsible for canceling any rooms they do not use and for paying all of their room costs. 
  • Students can also arrange alternate accommodation including campgrounds.
  • A Recognition Ceremony is held at the end of the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced. Students are responsible for the cost of tickets for themselves and their guests.

Please contact ESA if you have questions concerning additional and optional expenses which you will have during the ESA Fire - Enhanced Program.

Any outstanding invoices including exam rewrites and tickets for the Recognition Ceremony must be paid before graduates from the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced will receive any certificates from ESA or the Accreditation & Certification Unit Technical and Corporate Services, Municipal Affairs.

Funding for the Professional Fire Fighter - Enhanced Program at ESA

Canada Student Loans and Student Finance Grants

The Professional Fire Fighter - Enhanced Program at ESA has been designated as eligible for federal and provincial student funding.

Please submit your application for funding before you apply to ESA for the Fire Enhanced program. You will be advised of how much funding you can receive. The funding will be activated when ESA confirms your acceptance to Student Aid.

Alberta:  The Canada Student Loans Program and The Province of Alberta/Alberta Students Finance provide loans and grants to full-time students in need of additional funds to meet their educational expenses. Apply online through the Alberta Advanced Education and Technology website Student Aid Alberta.  The same application form is used to apply for student loans, grants, subsidies and some scholarships. 

The annual loan limits from Student Aid Alberta for full-time studies are:

  • $7,500 for 1 to 4 months of studies
  • $15,000 for 5 to 9 months of studies.   

Call the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre - call 1-855-606-2096 (toll free in North America) Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 8:30 pm (MST) regarding eligibility for Alberta and Canada student loans and grants, and to receive help with the application process.

Across Canada:  Similar funding programs are available in other provinces for the Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced Program. You must apply through your home province.

For information about repaying student loans please sign up for this webinar:

For further details and suggestions for funding, please refer to Student Services on this website:

ESA is pleased to present four awards in each of our Professional Fire Fighter - Enhanced Programs. These awards recognize outstanding performance.

  • Award for Academic Excellence, Professional Fire Fighter Program. This award is given to the student with the highest average on the written examinations of the NFPA 1001 program.
  • Candidate Competition Award, Professional Fire Fighter Program. The ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program Candidate Competition Award is awarded to the student who achieves the highest overall score in a mock fire department hiring competition overseen by ESA. The competition includes a candidate interview conducted by professional fire officers, a fire fighter physicial test delivered and scored by the University of Alberta, and a standardized fire service written aptitude examination, and is modeled on the hiring competitions conducted by many Canadian professional fire departments.
  • Harold Criss Professionalism Award, Professional Fire Fighter Program. Harold Criss was a respected fire service member and fire instructor, and a valued part of the ESA faculty and evaluation team for many years. He is remembered by his friends and past students in the emergency services industry as a strong advocate of fire fighter safety who always held those he worked with or taught to a high standard of professional behaviour. The Harold Criss Professionalism Award is awarded to the student who best exemplifies the abilities, leadership traits, ethics, knowledge and skills befitting a professional fire fighter, as voted on by their peers, ESA faculty, ESA staff, and other stakeholders of the fire fighter program.
  • Fitness Improvement Award.  This award was introduced with the Fall 2013 Fire Program and is presented to the student who has shown the most improvement in physical fitness from start to finish of training.

Award Recipients

Emergency Services Academy Ltd. Award for Academic Excellence, Professional Fire Fighter Program

This award is given to the student with the highest average on the written examinations of the NFPA 1001 program.  Rewrite marks are not calculated into this average.  A condition of this award is that the student must be successful on all practical evaluations.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the ESA Academic Excellence Award:

Fire 2021-08E+ Nelson Lau
Fire 2021-03E+ Derik Boksteyn
Fire 2021-03E+ Raed Jaber
Fire 2020-03 Aaron Ramsay
Fire 2020-08 Zane Hermanutz
Fire 2020-08 Mark Lushington
Fire 0104 Alex Pheasey
Fire 0109 Rees Germsheid
Fire 0204 Brian Fieger
Fire 0209 Mike St. John
Fire 0304 Greg McCrimmon
Fire 0309 Mike Sutherland
Fire 0403 Jeff Wigosh
Fire 0406 John Bencic
Fire 0409 Nils Gorseth
Fire 0503 Chris Rubuliak
Fire 0508 James Tozer
Fire 0603 Shane Hardie
Fire 0606 Grant Thiele
Fire 0609 Ryan Charter
Fire 0703 Jason Powell
Fire 0709 Jason Conway
Fire 0803 Kyle Spraakman
Fire 0809 Bradley Maloney
Fire 0903 Nathan Belair
Fire 0906 John-Paul Hawkins
Fire 0909 Blair Grinde
Fire 1003 Brad Ference
Fire 1006 Edric Chabot
Fire 1009 Luke Flowers
Fire 1103 Kyle McLaughlin
Fire 1109 Warren Hartley
Fire 1203 Wayne Thomas
Fire 1205 Jase Weslowsky
Fire 1208 Thomas Blanche
Fire 1303 Scott Taylor
Fire 1308 Austen Tanney
Fire 1403 Erik Heinz
Fire 1408 Justin Ebbert
Fire 1503 Kyle Nozack, Ione Cech
Fire 1508 Shane Zelma
Fire 1603E+ Matija Young
Fire 1608E+ Jeff Chu
Fire 1703E+ Angus Jenkins, Kyle Johnston
Fire 1708E+ Austin Sehn
Fire 1803E+ Calvin Seftel
Fire 1808E+ Joshua Tymchuk
Fire 1903E+ Harry Holcroft                                                                                                        Fire 1908E+ Brin Ware                                                                                                    

Emergency Services Academy Ltd. Candidate Competition Award, Professional Fire Fighter Program

This award is given to the student who scores the highest total score on the practice interview, aptitude examination, and the U of A Fire Fighter Physical Assessment in the last week of the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the ESA Candidate Competition Award:

Fire 2022-08E+ - Daniel Morden
Fire 2021-08E+ Quinton Best & Avriana Hebert
Fire 2021-03E+ Joshua Arsenault
Fire 2021-03E+ Chase Sommerfeld
Fire 2020-03 Gio Shettler
Fire 2020-08 Joshua Heinrichs
Fire 0109 Andrew Christian
Fire 0204 Dallas Shupak
Fire 0209 Mark Holloway
Fire 0304 Tom Coyne
Fire 0309 Mike Sutherland
Fire 0403 Keith Nanninga
Fire 0406 Dallas D'Aoust
Fire 0409 Nils Gorseth
Fire 0503 Chris Rubuliak
Fire 0508 Sean Rilling
Fire 0603 Joel Clarkson
Fire 0606 Kyle Schmidt, Greg Sakulich
Fire 0609 Jeffrey Montemurro
Fire 0703 Travis Tourneur
Fire 0709 Randy Krieger
Fire 0803 Joseph Jamieso
Fire 0809 Ryan Zammit
Fire 0903 Daniel Jerrett
Fire 0906 Fraser O'Neill
Fire 0909 Travis Warren
Fire 1006 Edric Chabot
Fire 1009 Jess Clarke
Fire 1103 James Hitch
Fire 1109 Patrick Kozyra
Fire 1203 Avery Mehes, Matthew Wyville
Fire 1205 David Bensette
Fire 1208 Cory Lanson
Fire 1303 Ismael Bergeron
Fire 1308 Corey Stephenson
Fire 1403 Matthew Forsythe
Fire 1408 Ryan Shore
Fire 1503 Timothy Burtch, Micheal Smith
Fire 1508 Shane Zelman
Fire 1603E+ Christopher Behnke
Fire 1608E+ Wylie Phillips
Fire 1703E+ Tahvo Laukkanen
Fire 1708E+ Kurtis Choquette
Fire 1803E+ Calvin Seftel
Fire 1808E+ Christopher Woodhead
Fire 1903E+ Timothy Desjarlais                                                                                                Fire 1908E+ Samm Voss  

Harold Criss Professionalism Award, Professional Fire Fighter Program

This award is voted on by ESA faculty and staff involved with the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program, by staff from any of the supporting training facilities, and by the members of the Fire Fighter class.  The winner is the student judged to best demonstrate professionalism, leadership, and ability.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Harold Criss Professionalism Award:

Fire 2022-08E+ - Aaron Beatch
Fire 2021-08E+ Landon Van Ballegooie
Fire 2021-08E+ Avriana Hebert
Fire 2021-03E+ Ben Nightingale
Fire 2020-03 Eric Borgstrom
Fire 2020-08 Joshua Hughes
Fire 0104 Brian Forseille
Fire 0109 Clint Snidar; Todd Rattee
Fire 0204 Timothy Znamerowski
Fire 0209 Mark Holloway
Fire 0304 Tom Coyne
Fire 0309 David Hill; Brent Acorn
Fire 0403 Christina Charpentier
Fire 0406 Wayne Rose
Fire 0409 Nick Sopczak
Fire 0503 Chris Rubuliak
Fire 0508 Joe McKay
Fire 0603 Stephen Gurnett
Fire 0606 Greg Sakulich
Fire 0609 Jeffrey Montemurro
Fire 0703 Tim Wise; Jay Cavanagh
Fire 0709 Jason Conway
Fire 0803 Martin Beaulieu
Fire 0809 Ryan Zammit
Fire 0903 Matthew Austin
Fire 0906 John-Paul Hawkins; Michael Kuzio
Fire 0909 Blair Grinde
Fire 1003 Matt Janzen
Fire 1006 Justin Duque
Fire 1009 Craig Carr
Fire 1103 Bradley Norris; Wilfred King
Fire 1109 Colin Taylor
Fire 1203 Joshua Middleton
Fire 1205 Jeugenijs Muhametsins
Fire 1208 Cory Lanson; George Pettit
Fire 1303 Casey Galenzoski
Fire 1308 Corey Stephenson; Mitch Sonneson
Fire 1403 Ilich Castillo
Fire 1408 Donovan Buscholl
Fire 150Ione Cech
Fire 1508 Landon Lesko
Fire 1603E+ Brook Hoffos
Fire 1608E+ Jeff Chu
Fire 1703E+ Tahvo Laukkanen
Fire 1708E+ Marc Laplante
Fire 1803E+ Stephen Cullum
Fire 1808E+ Christopher Woodhead; Timothy Hickson
Fire 1903E+ Donal Voyaguer                                                                                                    Fire 1908E+ Eric Richardson  

Fitness Improvement Award, Professional Fire Fighter Program

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Fitness Improvement Award:

Fire 1308 Justin Hoffard
Fire 1403 Ilich Castillo
Fire 1408 Ryan Shore
Fire 1503 Timothy Burtch
Fire 1508 Riley Boomgaarden
Fire 1603E+ Christopher Behnke
Fire 1608E+ Jordan Pastro
Fire 1703E+ Kyle Johnston
Fire 1708E+ Marc Laplante
Fire 1803E+ Noah Looman
Fire 1808E+ Christopher Woodhead
Fire 1903E+ Darryl Lakusta                                                                                                      Fire 1908E+ Samm Voss  

Deacon EMS/Fire Scholarship

Fire 1903E+ Donal Voyaguer

Little Sweat Shop

Fire 2022-08E+ - McKail Brathwaite
Fire 2021-08E+ Avriana Hebert
Fire 2020-03 Eric Borgstrom
Fire 2020-08 Joshua Hughes

The ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced is full-time training over twelve weeks. 


The theory portion of the program is presented at the ESA Sherwood Park Campus.

The Professional Fire Fighter Programs at ESA both use an online interface (Jones & Bartlett Fundamentals, Canadian Edition). Each student in the Enhanced program needs a tablet or a laptop to use the e-Books, Workbooks, Study Guides and ESA curriculum materials. ESA does not supply a tablet or laptop.

Fire Fitness Training

ESA Fire students in the Enhanced program participate in a fitness training program.  Training is a mix of body weight/functional exercise and job specific training.  Sessions are scheduled by ESA in Sherwood Park. The cost of fitness training is included in ESA Fire tuition fees.

Practical Training - Professional Fire Fighter Program - Enhanced  

  • The Enhanced program has a total of 25 days (5 weeks) of practical training.,
  • A maximum of fifteen days of “live burn” practical training is completed o­n the fire training grounds of Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre ("ETC") in Vermilion AB, which is about two hours east of Edmonton o­n Highway 16.  At ETC, students have access to one of the most highly regarded fire training grounds in North America. As safety is a top priority, bunker gear, breathing apparatus, and other personal protective equipment are provided for practical evolutions. Assorted fire apparatus and all necessary fire suppression and rescue equipment are utilized. Exercises are conducted o­n fire towers and industrial props such as refineries, train cars, automobiles, and trenches. Fire suppression training is done in an environment using controlled "live burns".   
  • Self Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue are taught at Station 1 or Station 6, Strathcona County Emergency Services (“SCES”), located in Sherwood Park.
  • Hazardous Goods and Dangerous Goods are scheduled at Station 4, SCES.
  • Training for Wildland Fires is held in Strathcona County, north of Sherwood Park.
  • Aquatic Rescue is scheduled at a swimming pool in Sherwood Park or in Edmonton, such as at the Butterdome, U of A.
  • Three days of Vehicle Extrication are scheduled in Strathcona County.

Transportation, accommodation, and meals related to practical days are not included in ESA program fees. These costs are the responsibility of the student. ESA reserves optional motel accommodation for students in Vermilion. Students are responsible for booking and paying for their motel rooms, or for arranging alternate accommodation such as at the local campgrounds.

Candidate Competition

The Candidate Competition scheduled for the student during the last week of the Enhanced Program focuses on preparing for job competitions. An interview and aptitude exam are scheduled with human resources personnel on contract from a major fire department, and a fire fitness assessment is completed at a facility such as the University of Alberta.

Recognition Ceremony

The Enhanced program closes with a Recognition Ceremony at the Four Points by Sheraton, Edmonton South or at a facility in Sherwood Park.  

Links to Websites Pertaining to Fire Fighter Students

Recruit Fire Fighter Magazine

Recruit Fire Fighter Magazine is an excellent monitor of job opportunities in Canada. The magazine advertises itself as Canada's ultimate Firefighter Recruitment Source since 1995.  It lists openings at 400 Canadian Fire Departments and regularly checks with 116 of Canada's major services.

Job postings include EMR, EMT and Paramedic.

ESA subscribes to Recruit Fire Fighter. Magazine issues may be borrowed from the reception desk for 3 days at a time. Annual subscriptions are $34.95 for e-mail service and $34.95 for the magazine. Both e-mail and magazine services combined are $54.95.

Referral Fees for New Fire Students Are Paid to Former or Current ESA Students

If a new student is accepted into an EMR, EMT/PCP or Professional Fire Fighter Program at ESA, and lists the name of a former or current ESA student on their original application form in response to the question "How did you learn about ESA?", then we will mail the former/current ESA student a cheque.  

Referrals for Fire are $100.

Room and Board for Out-of-Area Students

A list of room and board accommodations in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas is available from ESA for students.  This list is not approved or monitored by ESA.

Accessory Courses

ESA offers Accessory Courses to supplement the Professional Fire Fighter Programs, including:

  • Rope Rescue Level I (Operations).  This is a five or six day course which is being offered the week following each of the Professional Fire Fighter Programs. Application for this course may be made along with the application fee for the Fire program. The application fee will be waived when the application is received along with a Fire application.
  • Ice Rescue.  This is a one day program offered in the spring of each year.

Many students and graduates of the Professional Fire Fighter Program also apply for the EMS training offered by ESA, as it is frequently a prerequisite for employment with fire services:

  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Program.  This is the introductory level of paramedicine. EMR is a 15 day program offered full-time (Monday to Friday) or part-time (Saturdays and Sundays). It can be taken before or after the Fire program.  Many fire services require EMR certification.
  • Emergency Medical Technician/Primary Care Paramedic (EMT/PCP) Program.  This the second level of paramedicine in Alberta. It is a six month program including didactic/theory and practicums. Students are accepted on the basis of a competition. Many fire services require EMT certification, including Strathcona County Emergency Services (SCES) which is an integrated service (combined fire and ambulance).

Each of these courses has separate prerequisites and tuition fees. Please refer to the course name on this website for details.

Employment Standards

ESA develops its Professional Fire Fighter Program by researching the prerequisites listed by major Canadian Fire Services. Many of these standards are included in ESA program materials and certifications.

ESA Fire Graduates and Employment

Many graduates of the ESA Professional Fire Fighter Program are working for various fire departments and services in Canada, including:

  • Alberta ESRD - Wildland Fire, Lac La Biche AB
  • Alberta Health Services, Camrose AB
  • Alberta Health Services, Edmonton AB
  • Beaver EMS, Tofield AB
  • Brampton Fire, Brampton ON
  • Brant County Fire, Brant County ON
  • Calgary Fire Department, Calgary AB
  • Canadian Industrial Paramedics - Fire/Rescue, Edmonton AB
  • Canmore Fire, Canmore AB
  • CFB Suffield, Ralston AB
  • CNRL, Fire Department, Fort McMurray AB
  • Cochin Fire Department, Cochin SK
  • Coquitlam Fire Department, Coquitlam BC
  • County of Grande Prairie Fire Service, Grande Prairie AB
  • Carrot River Fire Rescue, Carrot River BC
  • Delta Fire, Delta BC
  • Department of National Defense - CFB Suffield Ontario
  • Department of National Defense - CFB Wainwright Alberta
  • Dow Chemical, Fort Saskatchewan AB
  • Edmonton Emergency Response Department, Edmonton AB
  • Edmonton Fire Rescue, Edmonton AB
  • Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton AB
  • Firehawk, Sylvan Lake AB
  • Firemaster Oilfield Services
  • Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department, Fort Saskatchewan AB
  • Fort McMurray Fire Department, Fort McMurray AB
  • Grande Prairie Firemasters, Grande Prairie AB
  • Grande Prairie Fire Department, Grande Prairie AB
  • Greenhills Operations, Elkford BC
  • Hamilton Volunteer Fire, Hamilton ON
  • Hamilton Fire Department, Hamilton ON
  • Hay River Fire (Wildland), Hay River AB
  • HSE Integrated
  • Imperial Oil, Edmonton Refinery, Edmonton AB
  • ​Industrial Fire Rescue, Sherwood Park AB
  • Lacombe Fire, Lacombe AB
  • Ladysmith Fire Department, Ladysmith BC
  • Leduc Fire, Leduc AB
  • London Fire Department, London ON
  • Mackenzie Fire Rescue, Mackenzie BC
  • Medicine Hat Fire, Medicine Hat AB
  • Merritt Fire Department - Work Experience Program, Merritt BC
  • Ministry of Forests, Wildfire Management Branch (British Columbia)
  • Mississauga Fire. Mississauga ON
  • Moncton Fire, Moncton NB
  • Muskwachees Fire, Muskwachees AB
  • Namao Fire Rescue, Namao AB
  • Nanaimo Fire & Rescue, Nanaimo BC
  • NEXEN Inc., Anzac AB
  • North 6 Oilfield Consulting, Sherwood Park AB
  • North Bay Fire, North Bay ON
  • North Vancouver Fire, North Vancouver BC
  • Northwest Fire Rescue and Training, Onoway AB
  • ​Ottawa Fire Department, Ottawa ON
  • Penticton Fire, Penticton BC
  • Regina Fire, Regina SK
  • Rocky View Fire Services, Rocky View County AB
  • Saint John Fire Department, Saint John NB
  • Shell Canada Emergency Services, Fort Saskatchewan AB
  • Shell Scotford Emergency Services, Fort Saskatchewan AB
  • Spruce Grove Fire Services, Spruce Grove AB
  • Strathcona County Emergency Services, Strathcona County AB
  • Sturgeon County Volunteer Fire, Sturgeon County AB
  • Sky Boss Inc., Grande Prairie AB
  • Sylvan Lake Fire Department
  • Tech Coal, Greenhills Operations, Elkford AB
  • Toronto Fire Services, Toronto ON
  • Trojan Safety, Fort St John AB
  • Vancouver Fire Department, Vancouver BC
  • Wapose Emergency Services, Wapose AB
  • Wapasu Creek Fire Services, Fort McMurray AB
  • Wainwright Fire, Wainwright AB
  • Waterloo Fire Rescue, Waterloo ON
  • Eveready Industrial
  • FireMaster
  • Fire Power
  • CEDA
  • HSE Integrated
  • Integrated Fire & Rescue
  • Key Safety
  • Suncor Emergency Services
  • Sustainable Resources Wildland Fire
  • Syncrude Fire
  • Wildland ESRD

​If you are a graduate of our Professional Fire Fighter Program and successful in finding employment, would you please contact ESA so that we can maintain current records.

Testimonials from ESA Fire Fighter Graduates

Hope everything is going well at ESA. Really miss it there and all the instructors.
Want to give you an update on my fire service.  I was offered the rank of Deputy Chief at Carrot River Fire Rescue about 7 months ago now and recently became a Level 1 IFSAC instructor. We were able as a group to send 2 of our units to the La Ronge fire this past August. I want to thank you and everyone for the awesome instruction you were able to give me and the encouragement to get my training.  (Thomas - Fire 1208)

"...I applied for Saint John Fire Department, New Brunswick while I was finishing your program in the fall of 2008.  I have been fire fighting in Saint John for 6 years now, and wanted to let you know that your mock hiring process is what prepared me for my actual job interview with SJFD.

Saint John is the oldest incorporated city in North America and is rich with history and culture, and that culture of fire fighting runs just as deep, as far back as the horse drawn pump wagons! I felt very prepared to start my career after leaving ESA, I made mistakes in school just like any other student, but learned that the key to success was a band of brothers, all pushing each other for the same goal, to be a fire fighter held in high esteem by his peers. School only prepared me for the real thing, which was keep your mouth shut, your ears open and keep moving forward....Anyways, hope that you are all doing well, I don't know if keener is still there but he drove me to be who I am today and was an excellent example. And the chief that did Rope Rescue [Stewart Martin] helped me strive to be on our Technical Rescue Team on the trucks. Thanks again and hope you are all in good health and that you keep on keeping on!  Cheers from the East Coast!  (Adam - Fire 0808 - Class of 2008)
Congratulations Adam on your fire fighter career and your family!  Thanks for the note!

Message received in August, 2014:  "To all of you from ESA who were instrumental in 0909, I want to say thank you. A couple weeks ago my chief handed me a red helmet, lieutenant badge, and radio. ESA 0909 was such a critical part of allowing me to have some success as a firefighter, and now as a fire officer. Thank you for your investment in providing solid and passionate training to the fire service. I, for one, appreciate it more than I can say, but I will say, thank you."  (Chris - Fire 0909 - Class of 2009).  
Congratulations Chris on your continuing career as a firefighter!

Very friendly atmosphere, unbelievable instructors.  (Dan - Fire 0903)

…the dream has come true and I have made the Calgary Fire Department.  We find out our start dates at the end of August.  I would like to thank everyone at ESA for helping me prepare for this amazing career!  (Andrew - Fire 1003)

The candidate competition was an extremely beneficial component of the ESA's fire class and unique to ESA. Overall the instructors and administration staff made every effort to students to aid in their successful completion of ESA's fire program within the classroom and field setting during and after hours. In addition, the instructors and administration staff listened patiently to students' concerns and continued to provide their time and energy with extreme professionalism. Thanks so much for all your hard work everybody! (Aaron - Fire 1103)

We had many practical days that allowed us to practice what was taught in the classroom. The equipment we were able to use was excellent. The instructors were all there to teach and showed patience with students. High level of personal expectations for the students was set on day one. (Michael - Fire 1109)

The course all throughout the program was awesome. Three months ago, I didn't know anyone in the class and now with all the team efforts, we are all really close, good friends. (Ron - Fire 1109)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything :) these past 12 weeks have been amazing! I will be recommending ESA to anyone who will listen!  (Brittany - Fire 1208)

I work for Teck Coal now at Greenhills Operations in Elkford as a Loss Prevention Officer (industrial first aid, mine rescue, fire system maintenance, safety inspections, drug & alcohol testing, etc.). The EMR and 1001 certificates I received at ESA were extremely instrumental in myself being hired. (Ryburn, EMR 1107B and Fire 1205)



"….it is a very well run program that prepares you for a job in the emergency services field putting any student in the right path for success in the field."
- Riley, Fire 1208