Applications for programs and courses at ESA can be submitted now.  However, selection and acceptance dates differ between programs so please check out the prerequisites and apply early!

Applicants to ESA must be at least 18 years of age and in good physical condition.

Transcripts of Grade 12 High School Diploma/GED/equivalent, or higher education are required for EMR, EMT/PCP and Fire Programs.

Mature Students 
Students who do not meet the above admission requirement for existing education may be considered for EMR, EMT/PCP and/or Fire Programs at ESA.  Submit an application including details about the level of education achieved, and apply as a mature student. Such applications and documentation will be forwarded to the ESA Registrar for review.  Applicants must sign a waiver stating they are applying without a GED or HS transcript and that they are aware future employers may require same.

Please refer to the Application Packages on this website for Accessory Courses.  These list the prerequisites and procedures for each program and course.

Questions? Want to apply? Contact us today.


"I have been fire fighting in Saint John New Brunswick for 6 years now, and wanted to let you know that your mock hiring process is what prepared me for my actual job interview with SJFD...I felt very prepared to start my career after leaving ESA...the chief that did Rope Rescue helped me strive to be on our Technical Rescue Team on the trucks. Thanks again! "
-Adam, Fire 0808