Tuition Payments, Refunds and Receipts

ESA Fees

All ESA fees are in Canadian dollars.  Fees are subject to change without notice and should be confirmed as current o­n this website, or by contacting us.

Fees are payable to Emergency Services Academy Ltd. and may be paid by cash, cheque, money order, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Interac e-Transfer.  Cash payments must be for the correct amount as ESA does not keep any cash onsite.

Funds may be transferred to Emergency Services Academy Ltd. by INTERAC e-Transfer if your bank provides this service. There may be daily or weekly limits at your bank as to how much can be transferred. Set up the e-transfer through your bank using the ESA email address:

Basic Fees

Various fees can be applied to each Program or Course at ESA:
  1. There is a non-refundable Application or Administration Fee for each program and course offered at ESA.
  2. All students have accidental medical and dental insurance coverage while attending ESA classes, off-site training, and during practical assignments. WCB coverage is in place for PCP students o­n Clinical, Transfer and Emergency Ambulance practicums.  Fire students are covered under WCB during practical training. Insurance fees are included in Tuition Fees.
  3. A Course Materials Fee covers the cost of online or printed textbooks, binders, and any printed materials or modules supplied to the student. PCP and Fire students also receive a duffle bag, ESA uniform or coveralls needed for their program.
  4. Tuition Fees cover the didactic and practical training provided by ESA. Tuition fees may include a fee for E-Learning.
Individual Programs & Courses – please refer to the individual Program or Accessory Course for details of fees.

Fee Refunds

Application fees for all programs and courses at ESA are non-refundable.

Please refer to the individual Program or Accessory Course for details of refund policies.

Programs and courses at ESA are based o­n a signed student contract. Contracts may be terminated by the student or ESA by giving written notice of the termination to the other party.  Any contract terminations (withdrawals from programs and courses) must be submitted to ESA and must include medical statements if applicable. A completed ESA Withdrawal Form is acceptable. Notice of termination may be delivered to the student or ESA in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date o­n which the notice is delivered. A student contract is terminated o­n the date o­n which the notice is received.

Fees will be fully refunded (including application fees) if a program or course is cancelled by ESA.

Transcripts and Certificates

Transcripts and certificates are issued for programs and courses completed at ESA.  A fee is charged for additional copies of transcripts and certificates.

Tax Receipts

Official tax receipts (Canada Customs & Revenue, Form T2202A) covering tuition fees are issued to students who have been accepted into programs and courses at ESA. These are issued within the first 60 days of a calendar year and cover payments for courses taken the preceding year.

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"As I am applying for Paramedic scool, I am finding that I am very prepared, especially looking through my old EMT school work. I felt prepared for my EMT career when I left ESA, but I am only now beginning to realize how in depth the EMT course was and it's going to benefit me as I prepare to return to school. "
- Heidi, EMT